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“Director Alicia Livingstone and her team of bright young things’ knowledge and enthusiasm for promoting their artists seems boundless” 

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Director Alicia Livingstone with artist Emma Williams outside the Tate St. Ives

Livingstone St. Ives is a contemporary art gallery exhibiting a considered collection of desirable paintings and ceramics from the next generation of artists working in the St. Ives’ tradition.

Throughout the 20th Century, St. Ives was the hub of the British Modernist movement, home to internationally-celebrated artists including Barbara Hepworth, Patrick Heron and Terry Frost. Today we champion new emerging artists working in the same spirit of exploration and fearless risk-taking.

Our gallery began life in St. Ives’ Fore Street, moving to the the iconic Westcotts Quay, a former pilchard press, from 2022 – 2023.

In autumn 2021, we launched our second gallery, in a beautiful Georgian townhouse in the heart of Clifton, Bristol. Housing three floors of our artists’ work, this new space brings Livingstone St. Ives out of Cornwall.

In winter 2022, we launched a three-month residency on Chelsea’s King’s Road, giving our much-loved clients and collectors a chance to experience the art of St. Ives in London. 

In spring 2024, we opened our Truro gallery, bringing the best artists working in St. Ives’ tradition to a new audience.

Today, our Truro and Clifton galleries represent artists working in the St. Ives tradition. Visit us today to enjoy our full collections.

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