Alex Yarlett’s Autumn Collection now available

18th September 2023 by Octi in Blog

These beautiful paintings exemplify Alex’s absolute mastery of colour. The collection features his signature landscapes, lambent with the clear light of St. Ives and capturing the iconic lines of its landscape and horizon. From the blissful peace of the sunset in Captured to the thrilling majesty of the dawn in the almost fully abstracted Spark, these paintings amply show why his work is so beloved of collectors.

The collection also features a series of still life paintings, which celebrate both the wildflowers of the Cornish hedgerows and favourite and familiar blooms, such as sunflowers, peonies and roses. Thoughtful, poised and glowing, each painting is a jewel of hue and line, an evocative distillation of pure colour.

All paintings are on show in our St. Ives gallery at Westcotts Quay throughout September 2023.

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