Aline Gaiad b. 1979


Aline Gaiad
b. 1979

Aline Gaiad is known for her abstract, figurative paintings and bold gestural marks that are always present in her work.

Objects from her life and nature have been constant themes in her paintings. Aline works mainly with acrylics, favouring the immediacy of this medium for the process of building layers, and also turns to oil sticks and pastels. Adding collage to her paintings gives them texture and creates intriguing shadows which draw the viewer in.

Aline was raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a family of artists and collectors. She began her early career as a photojournalist, travelling her home country and developing her photographic eye. This attention to detail and composition can be seen in her paintings today. She is now living and working in West London.


Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

A Room of One’s Own, 2023



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