David Pearce


David Pearce

David Pearce is a self-taught artist living in Cornwall whose paintings and drawings have drawn international acclaim over a thirty-year career.

His work combines a naive spontaneity of composition which hovers between representation and abstraction. Characterised by its exciting use of colour, bold mark making and a charming innocence which belies its complexity.

"My working practice is driven by a desire to create in a fresh and innocent way, capturing that zest and excitement of experiencing something new for the first time. This group of paintings are a snapshot of the different approaches I employ, whether figurative or abstract.

"The physicality of a painting as an object fascinates me. The art is not just in the image. The work needs to have its own unique identity and be compelling enough to exist by itself.

"Imparting inanimate objects (tractors, chairs, houses or gestural marks) with personality allows me to explore the viscosity of paint along with colour and surface in a free and unhindered way. These aspects are a continual source of intrigue, enabling the work to remain raw, evolving and captivating for me."

David has been exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, and he has shown nationally and internally, with work included in the permanent collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

Dog Days & Cat Naps, 2022

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