Emma Williams B. 1968


Emma Williams
B. 1968

"My paintings are textured and always vivid – they evoke memories of a time, space and mood. My many visits to Cornwall have been a constant source of inspiration, influencing my particular approach to interiors and landscapes. Colour and decorative qualities combined with flattened perspective play an essential role in creating rich images."

Emma’s iconic depictions of St. Ives are instantly recognisable, with her trademark window-views, still lifes in riotous colours and quirky views of St. Ives’ harbour and bay, which she says she is ‘obsessed with painting’.

Continuing the determinedly flattened perspective seen in the work of, amongst others, Bryan Pearce and Ben Nicholson, as well as their interest in the framing device of the window scene (a device drawing also from Picasso and Matisse), she brings a unique and fresh eye to these motifs.

The joyful rhythm of pattern and colour reflects Emma’s previous experience as a fabric designer, and the whimsical manner in which she transforms flowers and domestic objects into bold, narrative compositions. Emma’s work is beloved by international collectors, especially of Cornish paintings, as she uniquely captures St. Ives’ irresistible charm.

Emma was born in Chipping Sodbury. She began her artistic career studying textile design at Huddersfield University. Emma's degree put her in good stead as it was underpinned by craftsmanship, developing not only her skills for making things but also incorporating creative development and thinking.

Emma emerged from Huddersfield with an understanding of both traditional and future materials and applied creativity toward cloth, craft design, artefacts and textile art. Once qualified, Emma worked as a freelance textile designer and artist from 1994 to 1998, gaining experience as a freelancer and defining her work and style. This eventually led to focusing solely upon her artistic practice.

In 1997, Emma made the switch to full-time artist. Her wealth of experience designing and producing printed textiles became strongly evident in her painting style. Her signature compositions contained a varied and bold palette, applied to create still lifes and coastal landscapes in flattened perspective.

Emma's inspiration has originated, and still comes from the beautiful Cornish coast. Emma began incorporating glimpses of interiors in the foreground of her landscapes, creating scenes for the viewer to step into.

Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

Spring Tide, 2023
Wild Seas & Winter Skies, 2022
From St. Ives with Love, 2022
View From My Window, 2021

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