Francesca Owen B. 1985


Francesca Owen
B. 1985

Francesca Owen is a British contemporary fine art painter based near St. Ives. She trained at the Slade School of Fine Art with Phyllida Barlow, and followed this with a Master’s course at Falmouth University while living on a boat. When she left university, she learned more about her painting through the process of making mistakes and discovering what she wanted to do within this.

“I’m interested in telling stories through paint – I really want people to feel like the painting is a place of solace and restfulness, like water washing over you and making you feel refreshed.

"I am deeply moved by Impressionism, fascinated by movement, brush marks and how colours dance when placed next to each other on the canvas. Anything is possible on the canvas, and that is why I paint. When we delve deep into the notion and romance of gardens, we can find it all.

"I suppose I’ve always painted. In some way or another painting has always been in my life... I painted at school and often hid in the art room - it was my art teacher who later influenced my decision to go to university to study art."

Francesca has taught at the St. Ives School of Painting, and now runs courses each year from her own studio, teaching adults and children alike. She loves the freedom which children bring to these courses, and she also enjoys painting with her own kids. She says, “I find they have more freedom, without those layers that are put onto us as adults about what makes a good painting. I learn a lot from them.”


Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

The Sacred Garden, 2023

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