Iona Sanders B. 1973


Iona Sanders
B. 1973

Iona was born in the far west of Cornwall and has spent most of her life there. Coming from an artistic background, Iona has developed her style organically. She is highly responsive to her surroundings, selecting objects from her everyday environment and imbuing them with a quietly observed dignity and grace of form. The objects chosen speak about the artist's life as much as she conveys their reality to the viewer.

Iona has established a minimal composition: a single cup is elevated to a sole subject, its character defined and its simplicity expanded. In the absence of extra subject matter, she is free to explore the intimate scene. Her use of colour-balancing muted tones with brilliant primaries is highly adept. There is a bold naivety to her paintings and her work is saturated with a warm vibrancy even when a cool pallet dominates. Rarely have such quiet pictorial scenes fizzed with such energy.


Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

Connections, 2023
When the Magnolias Bloom, 2022
Intimate Landscape, 2021

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