Judith Kerr


Judith Kerr

“Words, memories, materials are the beginning of my work. The association of language and ideas, making a poetic visual link between places and events from the past. I use materials that suggest a certain way of working, experimentation and resolution.”

Canadian-born Judith moved from the wilds of Nova Scotia to the French Riviera in the late 80’s. There she met the painter John Pelling and joined ‘The Odd Group’, an enthusiastic group of amateur painters in Monacco. Ten years later, after returning the West Penwith, she finished a Fine Art degree at University College Falmouth. More recently she took part in the one year mentoring program offered at Newlyn School of Art. Her studio is in Lamorna, where she also leads a local art group.

Judith enjoys the physicality of thick impasto, painting the local Cornish flowers, both cultivated and wild, that help map out the change of seasons and give a feeling of freedom and joy.

Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

Summer Flowers & Sardines, 2022
Summer in Technicolour, 2021

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