Layla Andrews B. 1997


Layla Andrews
B. 1997

Layla Andrews is a contemporary artist and designer based in Brixton. She is predominately recognised for her large scale, figurative and abstract portraits.

As a mixed-race artist growing up in a non-nuclear, working class household she has never felt she quite fits a box and this is reflected within her eclectic range of work. Whilst people form the basis of much of her art, family stories, the natural world, and her lifelong love of second hand treasure all inspire and influence her collections.

The chaos of her work is softened by the rich colours that are merged together, often blended using her hands. Although her pieces are personal, she hopes the abstract yet distinguishable details of her depictions harbour a sense of familiarity for individuals to interpret.

Layla’s paintings are collected globally and have caught the attention of many, including President Obama who praised Layla’s work and encouraged her to further her art career.


Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

Generation, 2022
Spring Greens, 2022
New Generation, 2021
Generation, 2021

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