Linzi West


Linzi West

“Painting is what I hold closest to my heart. My sketch books are filled with the human form and scenes of life from my travels – particularly train journeys – all over the world.

"Recently I have been exploring ceramics, preferring to make earthenware coiled vessels, plates and pots as well as whimsical one-off, hand-built objects. Their surface becomes my canvas; I draw on them as I would with charcoal on paper, often with sgraffito or painted cobalt blue lines. The result is a collection of colourful stories of people and planet.

"I use earthenware and always paint a white slip on the surface - then I can sgraffito my design, or paint using underglazes. I often use just a cobalt blue underglaze to keep it a simple blue on white, along with a cobalt pencil.

"All of my ceramics are bisque fired and glazed, or sometimes partially glazed which leaves a contrast between the matt bisque-fired clay and the glassy glaze, highlighting the colours used."

Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

Modern Mythologies, 2023


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