Maggie O'Brien


Maggie O'Brien

"My landscape painting hovers somewhere between figuration and abstraction.

"I spend time painting and drawing outside in Cornwall and on the Isles of Scilly. I rarely do finished work – I have many bits and pieces, loose half-finished studies, drawings in pen or pastel or water colour. For me, drawing in the landscape is a kind of deep seeing: it cements things, commits them to memory.

"My work back in the studio is getting looser. I find I am less and less concerned with the specifics of place, and more with the elemental relationship between land, sea and sky. I try to paint the feel and emotional stirring of the landscape, its atmosphere and weather rather than the look of it."


Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

Spring Tide, 2023
Wild Seas & Winter Skies, 2022
Summer Flowers & Sardines, 2022
Breaking Light, 2022
Light on the Water, 2021

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