Meg Fatharly B. 1995


Meg Fatharly
B. 1995

“Being an artist is something that is organic and ever changing. I love this fluidity as it enables me to experiment and learn new things everyday.”

Meg Fatharly was born and brought up in Scotland and Hertfordshire. Inspired by her surroundings and interactions, she’s constantly evolving and exploring her work. After her Art Foundation Meg continued with a BA in Drawing where she both challenged and further built her visual language. Since graduating she has worked as an artist and arts educator.

Meg describes her art as a moment. Her pieces explore fragments of the everyday and then put them back together through layering and experimentation. The techniques she uses include embossing, printmaking, collage and painting. She works with her intuition to let the materials and artistic process take the lead, allowing her to explore each piece through subject matter and scale in an intimate way.


Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives
Summer Flowers and Sardines, July- September 2022
Spring Greens, March – April 2022
Generation, June – September 2021
Summer in Technicolour, August – September 2021


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