Naomi Munuo b. 1970


Naomi Munuo
b. 1970

“My artistic intention is to create a frisson between joyful colour harmonies and compositional structure, whilst narrating the drama which exists in the relationship between the figure, objects and their environment. I am keen to explore the boundary between observation and imagination and capture the essence of form and juxtapose this with flat patterned areas. From my work I hope the viewer will take away some of the beauty that I see in everyday things.”

A graduate of Central St Martins, Naomi Munuo is a fine art painter with a fashion design background. She has taught art and design and run an arts faculty for many years alongside producing and exhibiting her own work.

Naomi is inspired by the modern masters, her family and her interior surroundings. Her work features still life scenes with objects and artefacts from around her house, and figures, often portraits, within interior and still life settings. Her palette utilises bold colours layered upon one another, contrasting with the drawn patterns and blocks of colour on the paintings’ surface.

Colour, composition, contrast, narrative, motif and mark making are important elements to the artist’s work. Works on paper feature in the artist’s collection, too; elements of the unexpected and accidental feature which give Naomi’s work life and freedom.

She grew up surrounded by her artistic family, and their creations and finds – sculptures, and ceramic ornaments, fabrics, and abstract paintings. This left a mark on her: she continues to draw inspiration from her own collections of objects and artefacts today.


Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

A Room of One’s Own, 2023
New Colour Now, 2022

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