Peter Ward

“Working with the earth is a slow process. The materials, while generous in their beauty and abundance, are not generally compliant, asserting their presence and personality through a laborious relationship over time. Knowing this comes through effort and perseverance, along with a deep respect. Similarly, the stories they offer are not immediately recognizable, spoken in a language uttered through millions of years of growth and toil, born of forces beyond the frailty of human existence yet part of our emerging consciousness. Like the generations before us we are still in a process of learning, revealing through our relationships and failures our rightful and evolving place in Nature.” – Peter Ward

It has been 13 years since Peter Ward bought a tube of paint. His materials have been gathered and processed by hand exclusively from the colours found in the rocks, clays and soils of Cornwall and Devon. His work expresses a conversation with the living materials around his home, and explore the spirit of place through the stories the earth shares, and those gathered through his journeying.

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