Ponckle 1934-2012



Ponckle moved to St. Ives in 1978 with her sons. She opened a gallery in her house in Norway Lane, exhibiting her quirky paintings of local scenes, gradually making a name for herself.

In 1985 she opened Ponckle’s Gallery on Island Square and started painting cats with views of St. Ives. This was the most prolific period in her career - she was selling her paintings as fast as she could produce them.

Ponckle’s Gallery became an important social and artistic meeting place; the terrace was a riot of colour, flowers and jazz music and there was never a dull moment.

Ponckle became friends with local artists Hyman Segal, Max Barrett and Patrick Hughes. Other regular visitors to the gallery were Molly Parkin, who lived locally, and George Melly, a regular performer at the St. Ives September Festival whom Ponckle knew from her London jazz days.

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