Rosemary Scott b. 1954


Rosemary Scott
b. 1954

Filed with complex, diffuse brushstrokes and a dreamy, evocative palette, Rosemary Scott’s landscapes demonstrate her absolute mastery of colour and space, conjuring all the sensations of the Cornish countryside, from the wide skies to the fresh breeze and the calm lapping of the waves.

Born in Trowbridge in 1954, Rosemary has worked alongside many formative mentors. As well as developing her own work, Rosie was a portrait model for many artists in the 1970s and 1980s, including by Peter Kuhfeld; two portraits of which were hung in the National Portrait Gallery.

Following her graduation from Plymouth Art School, Rosie’s first solo exhibition was in Cheltenham in 1978, after which she continued to exhibit and teach in London for many years. She returned to Cornwall in 1995, and has since exhibited regularly in London, Cornwall and Canada and has work in collections across the world.

Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

Spring Tide, 2023
Wild Seas & Winter Skies, 2022

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