Tracy Rees b. 1963


Tracy Rees
b. 1963

Tracy Rees’ beautiful, evocative paintings drift between interior and exterior, between fantasy and reality, as her muse Bunny the Whippet finds himself lounging gracefully on luxurious fabrics, posing sculpturally amongst the flowers in a jungle-garden or gazing at a bird on faded wallpaper which might just be coming to life, evoking the fable-like quality of a medieval hound on a rich and textural tapestry.

In other scenes, cats pose amongst elegant tableaux, themselves the most beautiful of the objects that surround them.

Tracy says, “I love animals and am fascinated by cats and dogs, their facial expressions and body language. My inspiration comes from many sources: interiors, antiques, collected objects, fabrics, furniture, textiles rugs chinoiserie, old china, paintings. I enjoy creating scenes and narratives around them, often merging interiors with outdoor scenes to create a grand illusion, painting in soft acrylic colours on board in muted tones to capture a sort of nostalgic, dreamy quality.”

Alongside paintings, Tracy Rees also creates ceramic pots sculptures and jewellery. She lives with her husband Michael Rees and whippet Bunny in Cornwall.


Selected exhibitions with Livingstone St. Ives

Dog Days & Cat Naps, 2022

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