17th January 2021 by Octi in Blog

Our winter show across both our galleries runs from 1st January 2021 – 31st January 2021, and presents a new collection of seascape and landscape paintings by gallery artists Kerry Harding, Alex Yarlett, Elaine Turnbull, Maggie O’Brien and Emma Williams. We also welcome new artists Luke Knight and Bo Hilton to their first exhibitions at Livingstone St. Ives. The exhibition is accompanied by new abstract paintings from Stephen Lavis and Matthew Dixon, and sculpture and ceramics by Colin Caffell, Ken Spooner and John Maltby.

Focussing on the dramatic north coast of Cornwall where she lives and works, artist Kerry Harding captures the effervescent winter light and stormy seas, often with photorealistic precision in her trademark palette of muted pinks and Prussian blues. 

Alex Yarlett, following his super debut at Livingstone St. Ives earlier this year, presents a new group of paintings capturing the mutable, changing light and skies of Cornish winters.

Luke Knight’s subtle palette captures the dreamlike memory of a place. His paintings explore the quality of light and the elemental experience of water in subtle compositions, expressing quietness and the tranquility of a captured moment in time. 

The landscape of West Penwith, where Bo Hilton lives and works, is the focus of a new group of his abstract paintings, capturing geographical boundaries as touching points in pictoral space. 

Elaine Turnbull presents a group of small paintings developed from sketches made while walking across the Cornish coastline, expressing the changing seasons.

Maggie O’Brien presents a unique pair of paintings capturing the rare gift of snow in West Cornwall.

As an antidote to these moody skies, Emma Williams transports the viewer to sunnier times with a restorative group of still life paintings capturing a longed-for summer and turquoise seas. 

Alongside, our gallery artists present a small group of figurative paintings expressing the tradition of the winter solstice as a time of spiritual transformation, including paintings such as ‘Annunciation’ by Henrietta Dubrey and ‘Angel’ by Michael Rees, as well as anthropomorphic sculptural forms by John Maltby.

The exhibition is accompanied by sculpture and ceramics by Colin Caffel and Ken Spooner.

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