Cedar House | Studio Far West Collaboration

January 1, 2022 - January 2, 2025

We are delighted to collaborate with Studio Far West, an Interior Architecture and Design studio based in St. Agnes, Cornwall, which works with private residences, hospitality, commercial and residential developments to deliver bespoke design packages.

One of their recent projects was the full renovation of Cedar House, an incredible mid-century beach house retreat on the North coast of Cornwall. This space comes complete with a double-height pitched living space at the centre of the house, which was once the site of a hotel swimming pool.

Studio Far West sought to source art which complemented the house’s generous size and panoramic views of the Cornish landscape, as well as the earth-toned interior they had created. Their focus on natural timber and bespoke metalwork led them to see Peter Ward’s paintings as the natural progression of the interior they had created.

Peter gathers his materials by hand and creates paint pigments from colours found in rocks, clays and soils across the South West. His work explores the spirit of a place, and felt right at home in Cedar House.

Spencer Shakespeare’s energetic and emotional paintings bring a vivid contrast of colour to the kitchen; vases from Jade Paton and whippets from Michael Rees provide smaller points of interest throughout the house.

All work is available to purchase via the gallery. We ship nationally and internationally, and offer a variety of gallery services including interest-free payment plans. Please contact us on (+44) 01736 793509 or [email protected] to enquire further, and visit this page to find out more.

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