Dan Cook | Treading the Seams

October 26, 2023 - November 30, 2023

This will be previewing on our website from 26th October and on show in our Clifton gallery from 1st November.

Livingstone St. Ives are pleased to announced a collection from our newest gallery artist, Dan Cook.

Treading the Seams nods to a few aspects of my work; walking and observing Cornwall, the seams in the rock, balancing weight and shape, looking for lesser seen pathways.”

Dan Cook lives and works just outside St. Ives. His work explores a personal and immediate perception of the natural environment, through oil paint and pencil on panel.

Dan describes his process as personal, “a constant effort to decode and record an ever-changing theme; it could be the light, a surface, or just a place and atmosphere that dictates the artwork.”

In collecting personal responses to his environment, his work records the memory of a place or sensation. This collection passes a thread through stone surfaces, explores refracted daylight, and considers how we see colour.

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