Force of Nature | Jack Davis’ 2024 solo exhibition opening our Truro gallery

March 25, 2024 - April 20, 2024

28th March – 20th April 2024 at 9 Lemon Street

Livingstone St. Ives is delighted to open our newest gallery in Truro, Cornwall, at 9 Lemon Street. Jack Davis’ monumental solo exhibition will open the gallery on 28th March.

“I’m really excited to introduce this new body of work, Force of Nature, that I’ve created over the last few months, from autumn into the winter, along the North Cornish coast. These works depict the sea and the sky, because I love the expansive nature of the horizon.  You can lose yourself in it.

 “I love painting on a large scale as it allows me – and the viewer – to be immersed in the painting itself. Almost life-sized – lifelike – I want to create and represent the feeling that you are there, in the landscape and in that very moment.

“It’s a very spontaneous and dynamic process as I make the paintings. With my mark-making, I’m trying to emulate the forces that are in nature; in a busy world, I hope my paintings offer you, the viewer, a calming sense of presence and oneness with nature.”

Jack’s newest body of work continues his relentless exploration of Cornish seascapes, a task to which the artist has devoted several years of undivided attention. Rust and blood orange tones glow amidst Jack’s typically dynamic and intense compositions, providing a fresh burst of colour and energy. Skies bathed in a gentle peach blend seamlessly into smooth champagne and cool blues, which are reflected on the intricately textured water. Edges of waves tipped with delicate sparkling highlights sit atop layers of deep, rich blue, an ode to the familiarity of the consistent swell of Cornish seas.

Livingstone St. Ives is excited to announce the publishing of Force of Nature, a limited edition collector’s book chronicling Jack’s most notable works to date. Alongside these images, the book features Jack’s own words describing the process of creating his paintings, analysis of Jack’s over from gallery director Alicia Livingstone, and a foreword from art historian and Programme Director at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, David Bellingham. This is available to preorder now; please follow this link to secure your hand-signed copy ahead of the release date on 11th April.

All work is available to view and purchase in the gallery. We ship nationally and internationally, and offer a variety of gallery services including interest-free payment plans. Please contact us on (+44) 0117 946 7215  or  [email protected]  to enquire further if you need.

A video of the artist in his studio creating ‘Force of Nature’

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