4th April 2022 by Imogen in Blog

We’re delighted to be hosting Jack Davis‘ latest exhibition Elemental, which opens at the Crypt Gallery on 9th of April, and then transfers to our flagship St. Ives art gallery on Fore Street on 23rd April. We spoke to Jack ahead of the exhibition, to learn more about his process of creating these stunning paintings.

“The exhibition Elemental tries to look at the changing skies in the area, investigating the cyclical relationship between the water and the sky,” Jack said. “I’ve been told by one viewer that the paintings remind them of Greek mythology, the giant battles between forces that are hard to comprehend. Using the process of light and dark in the landscape represents the eternal struggle between light and dark, both the elemental symbolism of the landscape and the struggle within oneself.”

“For the last year, my daily ritual has been to watch the sunset over the Penwith peninsula, and to attempt to paint this honestly, without sentimentality or romanticisation. I never work from photographs: the work is done from direct observation and memory. I want the viewer to find ambiguity in the work, not just a figurative representation. Every time you look at it you can discover something new.

“For me the painting process is a meditation which gets you into the present moment and allows the subconscious to come through, without the ego getting in the way. The more you allow it to flow the easier it becomes, although it is a constant struggle between what I want to do and what the materials want to do. Sometimes you have to step back and let the paint be paint.

“I find it humbling that my paintings can resonate with a significant life event in the viewer and can represent more than just my struggle –  the viewer can impose their own meaning on it. Art separates us from all other animals, the creative spark that allows us to see possibilities in materials beyond their original function it is at the core of what makes us human.”

There will be a Private View to celebrate the opening of the exhibition, at The Crypt on Thursday 14th April, from 5pm – 7pm, with drinks, plus an opportunity to see the complete collection and to speak to the artist in person

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to [email protected].

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