Introducing our newest artist, Neve Clarke

18th September 2023 by Octi in Blog

Neve Clarke is a printmaker and painter. She graduated from Falmouth University with a degree in Fine Art.

Neve creates detailed etchings, where the physicality of the marks on the metal plates are imbued with the artist’s own emotional experiences. The organic subjects chosen are metaphorical and allegorical, allowing a space for unhindered and vulnerable exploration of personal lived experience. The that result is delicate and complex work, characterised by fine lines, bold shapes and detail.

Neve draws inspiration from the landscape that surrounds her, with Cornwall playing an integral part to her creative practice. She enjoys the parallel between working on both paintings and prints, which has encouraged a process-led, multidisciplinary practice to emerge.

All of the artist’s work is now available to view on our website and in our Clifton gallery.

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