Limited edition prints, etchings, and works on paper from a whole variety of our gallery artists.

From quick sketches filled with energy and movement, daring studies for larger works and finished paintings in their own right, works on paper allow the artist the freedom to explore in any medium. This creative space can provide the germination of an idea, celebrates the immediacy of exploration, and contains within it the essence of the artist’s work.

Our collection includes a chance to acquire work from some of the gallery’s most celebrated artists, as well as a first look at exciting emerging artists on the St. Ives art scene.

They make an ideal start to a collection of an artist’s work, as well as a gift for a loved one or celebration of an event which will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Please get in touch with the gallery to discuss framing where relevant, using the ‘enquire’ button alongside each piece.

Works on paper

Limited edition prints

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