Livingstone St. Ives Welcomes Louisa Longstaff-Scales!

19th July 2022 by Imogen in Blog

Livingstone St. Ives is delighted to welcome two new emerging artists to the gallery: Francesca Owen and Louisa Longstaff-Scales. We asked Louisa to tell us more about her wonderful landscapes:

“I haven’t always lived in Norfolk, in fact I grew up in Hampshire, but over time the large stretches of sky and open fields have become a familiar constant in my life and now feel like home. I spend a lot of time in the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside, It’s almost as if I have internalised these  landscapes and they very much inspire my paintings. I do have ambitions to paint other landscapes someday too, especially Cornwall with it’s beautiful coast.

“I think every painting is important in pushing my practice forward, but From My Highest Perch and The Edge of Everything really enabled me to explore layering more abstracted brush marks to develop the surface of my paintings. I am always keen to explore and experiment with technique and application of paint, I am a big fan of a brush stroke!

“I don’t generally tend to keep sketchbooks, usually preferring to work through my ideas in paint directly on to panel. I really enjoy layering marks and colour and allowing things to emerge. Being intuitive is really important to my painting as is responding to how the paint behaves. I often work in acrylic first, which I will layer over with oil paint, I love painting in oil and enjoy the range of marks you can make and how versatile the paint can be. Oils have a depth and translucence you don’t get with anything else.

“I am very strict with my routine on studio days and will paint through the day with little disruption,I try to be disciplined and not put off paintings that I am struggling with, Picasso said that “inspiration exists but it needs to find you working” sometimes I also do early mornings, evenings, whenever I can. Whenever I have two minutes, I’ll be painting.

“I studied Fine Art Painting at Winchester school of art. I really enjoyed being part of such a creative and supportive community. It was a great launching off point for my creative practice. I think it takes time and practice to work out what kind of a painter you are and how and what you want to paint. In the end, it always comes back to the landscape for me. My mum is a painter. When I was young she would let me use all her materials and watch her while she worked – she never gave direction or interfered with how I was painting though. She firmly believed in figuring it out for yourself. I was always getting told off for getting acrylic paint on the door handles. Painting is always something I have just done – I get twitchy hands if I can’t paint.”

Louisa’s work is currently on show in our Westcotts Quay gallery.

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