New In: Emma Williams presents new views of St. Ives

25th July 2023 by Octi in Blog

Gallery artist Emma Williams delights with a new collection of paintings this August.

Livingstone St. Ives were thrilled when Emma joined us in St. Ives for the whole of June. She enjoyed four weeks bathed in sun with her accomplice Teddy, who loves St. Ives as much as the next dog. Swimming every morning and painting all day, Emma became a staple of our summer in the town and her paintings reflect her harmonious time in her studio.

Scenes of St. Ives are presented in Emma’s signature style, which draws on the long history of St. Ives painters – Bryan Pearce’s flattened perspectives coupled with her own joyous colour palette bring our beloved town into your home.

View all of Emma’s work here.

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