Origin Unknown | Ken Spooner

July 8, 2021 - August 1, 2021

8th July – 1st August 2021.
In our St. Ives gallery, 71-73 Fore Street, St. Ives, TR26 1HW.

“A painting is not just two-dimensional. It’s got a front; a top; a bottom; sides. A painting to me is just another object – a painted object.

You can stand a painting on the floor, hang an object on the wall, put a sculpture in a frame, take it to bed with you if you like! 

Is it a painting? Is it an object? Is it a sculpture? This isn’t relevant. The paint doesn’t make it a painting. It’s the artist who makes it art.

The studio; the palette; a frame; a brush; this is the art, if the artist – as conjurer – makes it the art. 

In my art, I’ve been searching to do this all my life.”

Ken Spooner, June 2021

Livingstone St. Ives is honoured to host the thirty-first solo exhibition by celebrated artist Ken Spooner.

‘Origin Unknown’ presents a collection of 106 multi-media works exploring themes of universality, alchemy and magic.

Drawing from a rich mine of art history spanning cultures as well as centuries, this exhibition explores the primitive roots of mark-making and the universality of symbols of expression.

Self-referential, exploring Ken’s fifty-year career as an artist and maker, it is both a celebration of the creation of art for art’s sake, and a reflection, through the alchemy of material transformation, of the artist’s enduring pursuit of magic.

All work is available to purchase through the gallery. Please contact us on (+44) 01736 697315 or email us at [email protected].

This exhibition has now closed. Please visit Ken Spooner’s website page here to find details of his latest works and exhibitions.

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