It’s Raining Cats & Dogs

November 16, 2023 - January 8, 2024

Our beloved annual cats and dogs exhibition, celebrating the companions who share our lives and homes, is on show from November 21st in our Clifton, Bristol gallery, and online. Featuring work from Michael Rees, Tracy Rees, Selby Hurst Inglefield, Emma Williams and Naomi Munuo.

Tracy Rees captures the tender, mysterious poise of her cats as they weave between elegant vases, drape across luxurious surfaces and sit amongst the cherry blossom, whilst her regal whippet Bunny reclines on a chaise longue. With her slender limbs and noble expression evoking the grace of a medieval hunting hound, alongside a chorus line of adorable moustachioed terriers and a ravishingly plaintive French bulldog, Tracy’s animals frequently find themselves in the liminal space between the real world and dreamy fantasy.

Two astounding furniture installations from Selby Hurst Inglefield, Be With Me and Lucky Stripe, conjure a pair of domestic cats from chairs and rug-making techniques. Radiating mischievous presence, these pieces play with scale, domesticity and functionality to evoke a pair of cats who unite the power and swagger of tigers with the irresistible, tactile pleasure of luxurious fur and the brilliant colour contrasts of a Venetian carnival. Part guardian of the hearth, part wild thing out of the wild woods, they almost dare you to sit on them. 

Each one of Michael Rees’s 12 Whippets of Christmas is a quirky delight. Twelve very good boys are painted on individual luxury camembert boxes; alert, expressive and resplendent in a jewelled collar, they make the perfect gift to go under the tree.

On show from November 21st in our Clifton, Bristol gallery, and online.

The 12 Whippets of Christmas

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