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Emily Powell

Good Old Catch Up, 2021

Mixed media on canvas
100 x 150 cms


In this large-scale anthropomorphic portrait, a tiger talks animatedly to an unknown interlocuter, her choice of telephone: a retro, red rotary dial. The painting is notable for its exceptional juxtaposition of colour, the red telephone contrasting vividly with the electric green background. The tiger is so lost in the exchange she is as if unaware of the viewer, despite her fully frontal viewpoint, and her wide mouth and long teeth convey both the shock of what she could be hearing and the speed of her chatter. It is interesting to project on to these tigers (engaged in such domestic acts) an element of self-portraiture. A gentle femininity is suggested by the contours of the stripes, the weight around the chest and the suggestive fluffiness of its mid region, the tunic-like body contrasting with the dark orange, slender arms. Painted during the artist’s late pregnancy of her first child and during a period of almost-lockdown, Emily gives us a wry take on the trials of being pregnant in a pandemic, emphasizing the importance of human connection. Signed to lower right and verso.


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