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Emily Powell

All My Real Friends Are Cats, 2021

Mixed media on canvas
170 x 220 cms
Framed size: Unframed


This astounding large-scale mixed media piece is a tour-de-force, showcasing Emily’s signature jungle themes and complex layering of forms to stunning effect. Each shape, wherever the viewer’s eye rests, resolves itself into a cat: tabby, black-and-white, grey, multicoloured and, of course, her iconic tigers. The scale of each cat is ambiguous – is the golden cat at bottom left a lion, is the large black form pouncing across the centre a domestic cat or a puma? Even the three tigers, lambent with energy, might, from another viewpoint, be marmalade tabbies. The cats seem to shrink or grow, their realities interleaving with each other, as if a hundred fractured jungles are converging on the plant at the centre. A breath-taking, glorious piece which glows with joy and intrigue. Signed to lower right and verso.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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