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Emma Williams

Apricots and Summer Flowers, Bethesda Hill, 2021

Acrylic on canvas
135 x 50 cms
Framed size: 152 x 66 cms


*Currently on location at Host St. Ives. Please contact us for details of how to view and purchase.

Part still life, part seascape, the viewer’s eye sweeps seamlessly from domestic interior to the far horizon, through the much-loved, quaint and quirky streets of St. Ives (and in particular, the iconic Bethesda Hill). The mug, vase, jar and bowl of apricots all seem to float over the vertical plane of the table, this flattened perspective evoking St. Ives Greats such as Bryan Pearce and Alfred Wallace.  In this, these four objects mirror the four boats on the sea, each unmanned and seeming to occupy its own plane of motion and level of stylisation. The real joy of this painting lies in the fabulous, vivid palette and the layering of patterns through textural elements such as the exquisite detail of the vessels and ceramics, the rhythm of the fruits and the boats, and the juxtaposition of the bursting orbs of the flowers and the rectangular windows of the houses, which almost seem to be peering in at this sweet still life.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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