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Henrietta Dubrey

Are We? 2021

Oil on canvas
34 x 42 cms


Three fun poolside scenes which show the uncertainty of young romance.

In the first scene, Are We, a female figure stands in a red bikini, her eyes on a male figure who seems to be avoiding her gaze. She is the originator of the question, a question he has not yet responded to. Behind them, the golden sand seems far away; the real world recedes in the importance of the moment.

The second scene, We Could Be is the most ambiguous: the female figure gazes after the male, her eyes perhaps slightly pink-rimmed, one hand on her hip, as he turns further away from her. The beach has entirely vanished, the only objects in this world now are the two possible lovers. But who has given this uncertain response: is he prevaricating, or is she making an offer?

By the third scene, all is resolved. Assent has been given and the world has returned, the lovers gaze in the same direction now at a calm pool, the passionate red of her bathing suit and even her hair transformed to sunny yellow, in harmony with his swimming towel.


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