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Ken Spooner

Blue Studio

Acrylic on panel
93 x 72 cms


This achingly beautiful still life is instantly redolent of Matisse; a strong, deep, dreamy blue, which creates the table on which the objects rest, in harmony with the lighter, flatter blue of the wall behind. This symphony of blue is complemented by the yellows and whites of the objects, which glow like celestial bodies against the night sky of the table.

The objects appear translucent: their outlines merging and overlapping to demonstrate the transitory nature of physical objects. They almost seem to bob in the deep blue water of the table’s surface; the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life. Their scale and perspective relationship to each other seem in flux, again underlining their flimsy reality.

The only solid form in the painting is the white bird of peace which flutters across the sky, seemingly contained in its own fully opaque aura of light. Along with the palm tree, this gives the scene a quasi-Biblical milieu, the humdrum objects such as bucket, mugs and bottles transplanted from the artist’s studio to the peace and potential of a calm desert evening, flipping this domestic interior into a mysterious night-time landscape.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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