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Jack Davis

Encompass, 2022

Oil on canvas
125 x 200 cms
Framed size: 127 x 202 cms


The tumultuous cloudscape surrounds the viewer with celestial power – vast, towering cumulonimbus fills the canvas, whisking the viewer’s feet from the ground as if into the clouds themselves. The palette shifts superbly from deep, inky navy and Prussian blues, through palest azure, into gold and champagne and finally to pure, dazzling white.

This could almost be a landscape, the hazy outline of mountains reaching up to a morning sky, or even a storm-wracked seascape, the crashing waves flecking with white foam. As always, Jack’s paintings capture the scope and power of the natural world, while holding back from easy answers or simple interpretation.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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