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Alex Yarlett

Escape, 2021

Oil and acrylic on board
100 x 150 cms
Framed size: 104 x 154 cms


The complex brushstrokes and high-contrast palette fill this large and dynamic canvas with energy. A mass of cloud, painted in peaches, pinks and lilacs, descends from the lefthand edge of the canvas, temporarily obscuring the sun which shows through as a patch of pale aqua. The prismatic blue of the sky and sea seem able to change places, each mirroring the other, and the band of headland creates a horizon line and curves in a bay to the right. One cloud of dark purple casts a fleeting shadow over the distant headland  This semi-abstracted landscape is reminiscent of Cezanne’s later en plein air works, with a tapestry of short brushstrokes forming blocks of colour and capturing the gentle movement of the water. Bold, dynamic, vibrant, this painting bursts with invigoration.


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