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Ken Spooner

Fields of Gold *On Location

Mixed media on canvas
100 x 100 cms


*Currently on show at House of Hackney’s London flagship store. Please contact us for details of how to view and purchase.

This painting is full of movement: the swooping roads which the car to the left has successfully navigated, the waving pam trees, and the arch in the sky which could be a rainbow, over which one of Ken’s iconic white birds soars. But the path is not one of guaranteed safety: the dark form at the base of the canvas contains two other vehicles which have plunged down the road into its spiky embrace, reminiscent of Venus fly traps, sundews or other carnivorous plants.

The title, (an allusion to the song made famous by Eva Cassidy) is literal: the car has already traversed one golden field, and another lies beneath its wheels. This is not a wild jungle, it is a cultivated landscape with roads, fields and agriculture. Behind it, the celestial blue sky evokes the heat of midsummer.

The palette of rich blues and golds, combined with the flattened perspective which aligns all the objects along the picture plane, gives this painting the look of a religious icon or medieval illumination, perhaps relating a spiritual journey as well as a physical one. Watched over by the dove of peace, the car has successfully avoided the pitfalls thus far, and can continue on its hopeful journey.

In stock

On show in our Fore Street, St. Ives gallery

Provenance: From the artist's studio

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