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Emily Powell

Flying Bear, 2021

Mixed media on canvas
100 x 150 cms
Framed size: 103 x 153 cms


Despite his swooping angel wings, this bear is resolutely earthbound; planted firmly in a glowing tangle of foliage, the trunk of the tree to the left arching around his bulk as if struggling to accommodate his sudden presence. The palette is alive with Emily’s signature greens, blues and a vivid magenta, the arches of the fronds echoing the curve of the wings. This colour and movement is in glowing contrast to the dark solidity of the bear, who gazes at the viewer in apparent uncertainty from a slightly startled and lopsided face. The foliage all around him is full of bright red berries; perhaps it is for these that he has plummeted to earth, surprised in the act of browsing. This large figurative piece is archetypical of Emily’s animal-magical realism, displaying her mastery of colour and mark-making to breath-taking effect. Mixed media on canvas, signed to lower right and verso.


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