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Ken Spooner

Follow the Signs, 2009 *On Location

Acrylic and gold leaf on board
120 x 240 cms

*Currently on show at House of Hackney’s Castle of Trematon. Please contact us for details of how to view and purchase.

Price on application. 
Please enquire via [email protected].

This painting depicts cyphers on a huge pictorial map of a voyage spanning space and time. Through symbols of runes, motifs, sgraffito and handwritten text, it invites the viewer to read the visual imagery of the canvas to travel on its pictorial plane via means of the ‘signs’ it contains. There are endless possibilities to the direction of travel across the symbols; each reading is therefore unique and personal to the viewer. The direction and end-game is unclear; like a journey into the unknown the ‘treasures’ the viewer seeks may well be the very signs, depicted in gold leaf, and paths she is following. The text ‘eARTh’ situates ART within the word EARTH, creating a dualism between these concepts, reflects the ethos that art is inherently connected to the beauty of nature. The deep red and ochres of the painting the colours of raw clay, fire, and the centre of the earth itself. Exploring themes of voyage, mapping, mark-making, art, the natural world, ‘Follow The Signs’ expressly represents the ethos of voyage and discovery, and meaning buried deep within the natural world.

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