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Jack Davis

Formidable, 2022

Oil on canvas
160 x 160 cms
Framed size: 162 x 162 cms


A dark and foreboding storm approaches the left had side of the canvas; delicate washes of mauve, lavender and slate evoking the rain falling onto the surface of the sea. Its dark and mysterious heart is a deep blue-black, and the tips of its tangibly thick clouds are touched to brilliant white. The sky perfectly captures the yellowish, oblique light of an approaching storm, the almost hallucinatory clarity which precedes the downpour.

Jack’s technique here is breath-taking: from the strong impasto of the thunderhead cloud to the fine washes of falling rain and the soft shifts in tone of the sky beyond the storm. Formidable indeed, the power of nature is here displayed; the beauty and might of the storm and its transient nature.


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