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Layla Andrews

Frankie Goes to Hollywood, 2021

Acrylic and oil pastel on board
123 x 81 cms
Framed size: 126 x 84 cms


A figure faces us, a wide comb raised to their hair, a cigarette dangling from their lips. We, the viewer, are the mirror, as Frankie, dressed in a close-fitting striped vest and wide belt, prepares for the glamour of a visit to “Hollywood”. But this destination has many possibilities: could it be that they are visiting the literal city of Hollywood, California, for a night out, a business opportunity, an assignation? Or could it be a reference to the transporting power of film, as Frankie takes such pains over their appearance for a visit to the pictures? On the wall behind, fantasy and reality collide as a fishing rod perfectly aligns with the outline of two fish drawn on the wall, just as real life can intersect with and be enriched by the power of art. The palette of warm earth tones – ochre, deep red and moss green – contrasts with the vivid, playful pink of Frankie’s shirt, and the half-smile on their face as they contemplate their own reflection in our admiring gaze

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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