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Emma Williams

Garden Flowers In Leach Pot, 2022

Acrylic on canvas
102 x 81 cms
Framed size: 117 x 97 cms


This charming interior scene draws the eye from the table, with its gentle profusion of colours and patterns, out through the open window and wide shutters to the calm sea beyond; a cheerful sunny day where three boats bob in St. Ives’ iconic harbour. On the table, the complexity of pattern and texture of the jug, vase, platter and cup contrasts with the simple, almost abstracted blocks of colour beyond, and the layering of fabric on the table gives movement to the scene, with even the rug’s pattern of waves rhyming with the calm of the actual sea beyond the window. The bright bunch of daffodils, in vivid golds, oranges and champagnes, show that this is a spring scene, the first warm day of the year when the windows can be opened to let in the fresh breeze and the cries of gulls


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