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Janet Lynch

Girl With A Bird

Oil on canvas
70 x 50 cms
Framed size: 79 x 59 cms


A mother and child stand by a window; the mother’s gaze on the viewer with an expression of bittersweet tenderness, her face unmistakably one of Janet Lynch’s Madonnas. A bird rests on the girl’s hands, but it is not this that holds her attention; both the girl and the bird gaze out at an open window, the sunlight illuminating her face. The bird seems poised in the final moment before taking off, and the girl’s expression yearns towards this same flight. The brushstrokes are complex and expressive, creating life and movement even in this moment of stillness. The blues and magentas of the interior contrast with the vibrant sunlit world which can be imagined to the right of the canvas, the curtains’ floral pattern echoing the natural world

In stock

On show in our Fore Street, St. Ives gallery

Provenance: From the artist's studio

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