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Henrietta Dubrey

Heavenly Beauty, 2020

Oil on canvas
130 x 161 cms
Framed size: 133 x 164 cms


This sumptuous nude is heavenly indeed – reclining against a celestial blue background, her monumental form and relaxed limbs lit from above as if basking in warm sunlight. The tranquil primary palette of reds, blues and warm golden highlights fills the frame with languorous pleasure, and the scale of this painting underlines the figure’s presence and power.

She could almost be Europa: a woman transformed into an entire continent, her fingers trailing into the deeper blue of a river or coastline and the form of her body the outline of mountains and plains.  Her calm, thoughtful gaze rests outside the frame of the picture: inviting neither approval nor judgement she simply exists in her own right, ruler of the sovereign territory of her body.

Vast, glorious and serene, this painting is a paean to the power and beauty of the human form, the scope and scale of nature and also an unending source of joy.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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