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Jack Davis

Illuminated, 2022

Oil on linen
175 x 200 cms
Framed size: 177 x 202 cms



“I find it humbling that my paintings can resonate with a significant life event in the viewer and can represent more than just my struggle – the viewer can impose their own meaning on it. Art separates us from all other animals; the creative spark that allows us to see possibilities in materials beyond their original function it is at the core of what makes us human.” Jack Davis

This painting is filled with light and power – both the literal light of the sun, source of all life and energy, and the spiritual light of inspiration with which the natural world surrounds us. The strong impasto of the waves fills the bottom half of the canvas with the restless movement of the ocean, in the brilliant, distinctive turquoise colour unique to the Cornish peninsula. Above this, the sun is obscured by vast, monumental clouds, which range from deep blues to warm champagnes and golds, building to a hint of celestial blue sky crowning the painting. Through a break in this cloud, a shaft of sunlight illuminates the waves below it with a dazzling intensity, drawing the eye of the viewer and giving a sense of scale to the vastness of sea and sky.

This single point of light could represent the illumination of a sudden understanding, a revelation or the inspiration which strikes the artist after long, steady perseverance.  This large, square painting fills the viewer with a sense of hope and completion, the grandeur of nature and our place in it, and the beauty and peace which it offers.


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