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Jack Davis

Imposing Sky, 2022

Oil on canvas
150 x 125 cms


An imposing bank of deep thunderclouds gathers across the centre of the painting, their dark heart a rich and sumptuous navy blue. Beneath them, the lapping movement of the waves is turned to metallic golds and slate greys by the yellow, oblique light of the approaching storm, the almost hallucinatory clarity which precedes the downpour. But in the sky above the clouds, there is a spear of light which pierces the horizontal planes of the painting and reflects from the surface of the sea, an island of light which resists the massing darkness.

This glorious, powerful painting demonstrates Jack’s mastery of texture and tone; from the ephemeral gradations of colour in the cloud forms evoking the airy majesty of the sky, to the ceaseless movement of the sea, and the immense  distance between the viewer and the horizon, a far line of calm between the tumult of ocean and storm.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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