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Henrietta Dubrey

Jade, 2021

Oil on canvas
25 x 19 cms


*Currently on location with The House of Hackney. Please contact us for details of how to view and purchase.

This small, intriguing portrait stands out distinctly from Henrietta’s recent series, with its entirely monochrome face against a strong grass-green foreground. The title could refer to this brilliant hue, the given name of the subject, or be a more esoteric reference to the supposed character of the stone, which has long been associated with wisdom and good fortune. The subject looks out at the viewer, with an uncompromising stare but an expression which is as shifting and uncrystallisable as the Mona Lisa. The brushstrokes are strong and distinct, in contrast to Henrietta’s more usual smooth, flat expanses of colour, and balance is created by the repeated circles of the earrings, irises and a single pale circle on the left cheek, bringing harmony and beauty to this confronting painting.

In stock

On show in our Fore Street, St. Ives gallery

Provenance: From the artist's studio

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