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Emma Williams

Mixed Flowers and Olives, Harbour View, 2022

Acrylic on board
122 x 102 cms
Framed size: 137 x 117 cms


This gorgeous, multi-layered large painting is ostensibly a still life, although each of its elements are filled with so much movement that the objects seem almost to dance before the viewer’s eyes. On a table, a vase of favourite flowers take centre stage amidst a beautifully balanced composition of jugs, olives, and bag of icing sugar, almost like a regal court surveying the viewer in return.

The flattened perspective allows the objects to appear to hover over the layers of fabric on the table, meaning that the rippling movement of the tablecloth can continue unimpeded. Visible through the open window with its crisp net curtains, Smeaton’s Pier with its iconic arches and lighthouse places this scene as quintessentially St. Ives, it’s harbour busy with jaunty, bobbing boats that fill the painting with movement. It conveys all the promise of a bright summer morning; the windows already thrown wide to allow the fresh air and the cries of gulls to enter.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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