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Ken Spooner


Mixed media diptych with objects
85 x 105 x 8 cms


*Currently on location at Host St. Ives. Please contact us for details of how to view and purchase.

This extraordinary bricolage diptych extends beyond the boundaries of the canvas, full of texture, contrast and conscious symbolism. The word ‘Earth’, decreased by two letters to form ‘Art’ could be commenting on how natural resources must be sacrificed to make human artifice, or it could be drawing a direct line between art and nature, as if to say that one emerges unstoppably from the other. Meaning is again deliberately obscured in the text on the right-hand side, which fades into the covering layers of paint. This is in contrast to the clear labelled objects – box, coin, honey – on which the hidden gaze of the figure seems to rest. This human form is repeated as if on a canvas itself, echoing Magritte’s surrealist faceless figures, and the planes of the painting are deliberately subverted, both by the bottle which appears to float, and by the construction of an ‘interior’ surface below the level of the canvas in the bottom right corner.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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