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Emily Powell

One of Those Days, 2021

Mixed media on canvas with collage
120 x 150 cms
Framed size: Unframed


Three swimmers leap to avoid three large crocodiles, floating like sentinels across the centre of the painting. The nude swimmers, mouths open in astonishment, swoop as if in the act of diving, one visible only as a pair of hands, as they attempt to evade the scaly predators. The male swimmers appear trunkless – as if they have lost their trunks – perhaps shown by the splashes of pink and yellow, while diving into an unknowingly crocodile-infested pool. Emily renders the danger playful by her choice of title, which implies that this is only the latest (and most unexpected) in a series of tribulations faced by the swimmers so far that day. The deep blue foreground is enhanced by the vibrant back notes of vivid magenta and bright slashes of yellow, and the cut-paper shapes of swimmers, crocodiles and their teeth add to the jumble of movement and activity. Mixed media on canvas, signed to lower right and verso.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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