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Emily Powell

Oranges are My Favourite Fruit, 2022

Mixed media on canvas
100 x 200 cms
Framed size: n/a


This stunning large canvas is part of Emily’s series of floral paintings, inspired by the lushness and variety of the Cornish environment. A vivid, tropical forest of trunks and branches draw the eye deeper into the painting, tempting the wanderer to leave the path and plunge headlong into this heady, complex foliage, surrendering themselves to the sensual experience of colour.

The title could refer to the orange fruit which grow in the left-hand side of the painting – these could be oranges, or they could be the ‘Blenheim Orange’, a variety of apple traditionally grown in Cornwall for its sweet, crisp flesh. Or it might be simply a reference to love of the colour itself, the bright, bold hues which, like fruit, can nourish and refresh the soul.


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